Google Analytics

Google Analytics

With Analytics, Google collects statistics from your website and displays it in detail. The goal is to give you a clear picture of, among other things, visitor flows, traffic sources and page views. Based on this crucial information, N U I can build effective campaigns in Adwords or suggest optimization so your website can adapt to the behavior of your visitors.

When you work with N U I in the domains of SEA, data in your Google Analytics will always be the first thing to analyze your website behavior. Make sure that the tracking code has been implemented correctly, linking has been created with Ads and Search Console. This gives you a complete overview of all results and gives the right perspectives in your decision making. If necessary, N U I can set up Google Tag Manager to collect more data on certain events on your website to better understand customer behavior.

Here too, N U I can help you with a set-up, check-up or follow-up of Google Analytics. Looking for clear dashboards and custom reports to summarize the most relevant data? Just ask!

Alternatives for Google Analytics

  • Matomo
  • Piwik
  • Adobe Analytics