About N U I

nickname | meaning: noodle

Officially known as Tuyet Nga Bui Thi.

I won’t kill you if you pronounce my name wrong after your 100th attempt… I really appreciate the effort! But don’t make life harder and just call me N U I.

  • 10+ years marketing experience with large and small accounts.
  • Google Ads & Analytics Certified Professional.
  • Proud nerd obsessed with new technology and how Google works.
  • Constant learner of languages (7 is my current record) but can’t decode my kids’ secret language.
  • Mom Boss… who am I fooling, the kids are in charge at home.

Outsourcing your project can be difficult, that’s why it is so important to work with the right partner. As a freelancer I manage diverse projects for a broad spectrum of clients. I am driven by purpose rather than by wealth, so I tend to be picky with certain projects. I look for challenging projects where I can work together with the client in a straightforward and honest atmosphere.

N U I Digital Marketing is my dream come true. So when you hire me, you get a fully committed marketing professional who wants your business as well as my own to succeed! Win win, no better motivation exists.

Stalk me on LinkedIn to read all about my work life. Or let’s meet up and talk business!

P.S. Did you know N U I is an abbreviation for Nerds United Inc.? Curious yet? Click here to know more.