Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising, like Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, is a need to have. Smart campaigns convince your potential clients while they are looking for your products or services. You target them with precision and wait for conversions.

N U I is certified in Google Ads and has experience with managing small and large accounts in various branches.

Because N U I likes to keep everything transparant, 3 features are being offered. Do not hesitate to ask which one suits you best.


N U I analyses your focus keywords and target groups. This way your ads are more result driven. Your ads appear on top of the search result pages in Google or Microsoft where your target group can easily find you. You pay per click and N U I will optimize every click so you will get the most out of your budget. For the best reporting, Google Analytics will be integrated with Google Ads.

Your marketing goals will be translated into relevant campaigns with maximum return on investment. By the way, Google Ads is more than text ads. N U I can expand your ads and target interesting prospects by reaching them through display, remarketing, gmail, youtube… You just need to ask.


After set-up, it is crucial to follow-up your keywords. Often times there are broad keywords or partner sites that secretly spend a lot of your budget without you noticing. It is also very useful to analyse the first days your ads are running. N U I uses these analyses to optimize your ads even more.


You already manage a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising account but you’re not sure if the ads are doing a good job? Ask N U I for an audit. Where possible, several optimizations will be made and if necessary N U I can clean up your whole account.